Large horizontal wall art is a kind of decorative painting, generally divided into framed decorative painting and frameless decorative painting.
The framed decorative picture looks more traditional, while the frameless decorative picture looks more popular. You can choose it according to the overall style.
Actually the style of adornment picture also divides a lot of kinds.
Profile picture - maintenance and cleaning of profile picture
Maintenance of jian ou decoration painting: at ordinary times, you should avoid touching jian ou decoration painting with pesticides, sprays and cigarettes, pay attention to ventilation and moisture-proof, stay away from toilet and kitchen, and prevent its material from being damaged.

To prevent dust and insects from entering the artwork corroded, a wooden board can be used to cover the back of the painting.
Avoid long-term direct sunlight decorative painting, easy to cause color or discoloration problems.
Do not let sharp objects or sharp objects touch the Jane ou decorative painting, will scratch or damage the material of Jane ou decorative painting.

Cleanness of jian ou adornment picture: avoid by all means cannot use cleaner, sponge or cleaner to remove the dust that gives jian ou decorates picture frame, want to clean jian ou adornment picture with special clean appliance.
You can usually use a soft brush or a feather duster to clean the sketch and then use a clean cotton cloth to dip it in water.
If there is oil smoke on Jane ou decorative painting, you can use light soapy water and water to wipe, and then use dry cloth or paper towel to absorb the water on Jane ou decorative painting.

Jane ou decorative painting - how to shop for Jane ou decorative painting
1. Pay attention to the material and thickness of the decorative sheet of Jane ou.
Choose the simple Europe adornment picture that the high density fiber board that USES environmental protection makes, in the fiber board or worse board general formaldehyde content appears exceeds bid easily.
In addition, the thick plate than thin plate preservation of long, not deformation.

2. Pay attention to the clear and smooth quality of the decoration painting.
The back panel, resolution and flatness of the painting picture of jian ou decoration, the uniform and non-bubbling lamination, and the precision and carefulness of the corner cutting die need to be paid attention to.

3. Pay attention to the pattern of Jane ou decorative painting.
The living room had better choose the simple Europe adornment picture of atmosphere, design had better be beautiful scenery, still life and character, abstract modernist school.
The space with pure illicit close illicit such as the bedroom does not choose style too intense brief ou decorates picture.

4. Pay attention to the size of the sketch decoration.
In the sitting room, the height of Large horizontal wall art  of brief Europe is in 50 to 80 centimeters are appropriate, length wants the length according to metope or main body furniture and decide, should not be less than the 2/3 of main body furniture commonly;
Compare small kitchen, toilet to wait, can choose height 30 centimeters to control small jian ou decorates picture.