Large horizontal wall art

Impression oil painting: impressionism pays most attention to the light.
His works are representative of sunrise,Great Big Canvas impressionism more famous painters, monet, manet, Cezanne, gauguin and van gogh.

Impressionism was a school of painting that rose in France in the second half of the 19th century.
Impressionism painting focuses on the transformation of painting color modeling, introduces the scientific concept of light and color into painting, innovates the traditional inherent color concept, and creates the modern sketching color
science with light source color and environment color as the core.
It sets up the unique aesthetic value of color form, and the novel form lays the foundation for the generation of modern art.
The impressionists were named after a painting by the impressionist monet, "sunrise - impression",Big Canvas Art which was shown in the "lost salon" and drew derision from many critics.
The innovative artists took the mocking word "impression" as the name of the school of painting, which is exactly in line with the concept of impressionism: paying attention to the instant light and color impression, capturing the real
and immediate impression of the scene, and expressing with gorgeous and bold colors.

The pursuit of art is the pursuit of constant innovation and change. In the 19th century, the center of western art was in France.
France beginning in the second half of the 19th century a number of young artists who oppose the official academic art of the conformist,Large Canvas Art due to their innovative work cannot
be exhibited in the official salon and strongly opposed to the official censorship, they asked for the innovation of artistic and creative freedom, Gail wave tile often gathered in Paris cafe free exchange of view of art, for art
innovation path.
In the course of the development of western painting, painters always introduced the scientific achievements of the time into artistic creation.
Due to optical and color science research results come out, then by Charles Henry the light and color and the combination of aesthetics, directly apply to the laws of art, which made the pursuit of innovation and painters influenced and
inspired, they try to pure "light", and the analysis of the new color relations, and the law of the natural science and they combine to create the art of perspective.
They believe that all objects in nature are the illumination of light, only to show its image;
All the images are a combination of different colors, and the sunlight is composed of seven primary colors.
There is no world without light and color.
They also hold that artists should know the world mainly from the point of view of "light" and "color". "light" is the mother of "color". Only light can be colored.
This kind of artistic concept becomes their dominant thought, thus dominates their creation activity.