Hand-painted oil painting is a kind of hand-painted painting which uses oil painting techniques and pigments. It is different from traditional oil painting. It comes from Extra Large Abstract Painting. It uses strong color visual effect and abstract freehand style to express ideas. It seems simple, but it has rich connotation and connotation. It changes style color and appearance decoration with the changes of the times. Next, let's talk about the characteristics of hand-painted oil painting.

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I. Decorative Language
Ordinary decorative painting and hand-painted decorative painting are also very different in the use of decorative language. Ordinary decorative  Extra Large Modern Canvas Art pays attention to the design of the whole appearance and the visual effect of people, so it will give people a beautified effect, perfect without any shortcomings. On the contrary, hand-painted decorative painting pays attention to natural beauty, expresses the emotions implicitly and profoundly. It is natural and pure, integrated with nature without any natural beauty of sculpture. Look at the streets, houses, furniture and utensils in the oil paintings. They are all in the right shape, just like the real thing. If the view of the corridor is depicted, the distance can be counted by tens of feet in a few inches. If the front (standing in the middle of the railway) is drawn, the distance can be measured by miles in several inches.

2. Distinctive personality
Hand-painted decorative painting not only pays attention to the formal beauty of Big Black and White Painting, but also pays more attention to the ideological feelings and personal style expressed in the painting. In color, hand-painted decorative painting pays attention to simplifying the complexity, not blindly pursuing the color, paying attention to the far and near cold and warm collocation of color, focusing on the form of expression to highlight the generality of the picture, while in composition, it pays attention to the integrity of space. Multidimensional space without focus perspective is planarized.

3. Artistic Style
Compared with hand-painted decorative painting, ordinary decorative painting has its own independent aesthetic style and style. It dilutes the ideological and content of painting, strengthens the beauty of form and decoration, while hand-painted decorative painting pays attention to the subjective feeling of human beings, focusing on expression and freehand brushwork. The former gives people a feeling of artificial creation, while the latter gives people a feeling of natural state, which is the difference between the two.

4. Aesthetic Experience
From the aesthetic point of view, decorative paintings are mainly for practical purposes, only an external decoration for people to enjoy and play. Hand-painted decorative painting is a vivid image to express the painter's thoughts and feelings, from which we can understand the painter's mood and different understanding of society and life. Therefore, compared with ordinary decorative painting, hand-painted decorative painting contains more rich and profound meanings.

From the texture point of view, the first paving should be as implicit, uniform and natural as possible, instead of displaying the texture contrast of the final effect too early. If it has been drawn, it can be softened with a fan pen or removed with a knife to prepare for the real shaping later.

     Decorative  Large Abstract Paintings can be placed not only in the living room behind the sofa, on the wall behind the television, but also in the bedroom, on the walls outside the kitchen, balcony and villa.


     However, it is worth noting that color matching should be carried out according to different spaces. Generally, the interior of modern Contemporary Canvas home decoration style is mainly white, and most of the decorative Extra Large Modern Wall Art paintings are yellow-red. Do not choose passive, lifeless decorative Large Modern Abstract Art, the living room as far as possible to choose bright, lively tones, if the interior decoration color is very stable, such as walnut, you can choose high-grade gray, art-oriented decorative paintings.

Large horizontal wall art-Oil painter yogansong is a famous Soviet realist art master.Large Canvas Art Cheap He was one of the first painters who won the title of Soviet people's artist after the October revolution.
When the Soviet academy of fine arts was founded, he was approved as an academician of the academy.
His work won the Stalin prize twice.
He not only made outstanding achievements in oil painting, but also made achievements in art history.
He received a doctorate in art history.
He was appointed director of the national trecakov gallery in 1951.
This painting, interrogation of communists, is one of his masterpieces.
Boris vlajmilovich jorgenson (1893 ~?)
He graduated from Moscow academy of painting,Large Black and White Art
sculpture and architecture in 1918.
His most influential instructors were artists such as alcibov, casatkin, and Martin.
In 1922, he joined the revolutionary Russian artists association.
Yucansong's artistic style is closely related to the traditional Moscow school of painting.
The founder of this group is Russia early
Period custom painter birov, makovsky and others.
Of course, from the point of view of color about dry pine,Large Abstract Art repin and surikov's artistic techniques are also his concern.
The works of about gan song's whole life are not many, but each painting has a certain position in the important historical stage of Soviet socialist construction, such as "1919 railway crossing station", "Soviet court", "students from
the preparatory university for workers and peasants came out" and so on.
"Interrogation of communists" and another famous painting "in the old urals factory" are two monumental sister works.
"Interrogate communist party member" one picture is in 1933 Soviet union "red army of worker and peasant 15 years exhibition" go up show famous picture.
It is a historical genre painting.ABSTRACT ART CANVAS PAINTING

Because it does not describe specific historical figures and events.
It is a vivid portrayal of revolutionary life with historical significance.
The picture shows the image of two excellent sons and daughters of the Soviet union - ordinary Soviet communists.
Captured by the white bandits, they are now standing in front of the enemy, poised and indifferent to personal life and death.
They have triumphed in spirit over the enemies in front of them who are trying to set back history.
Two young communist men and women, with their hands bound, stood in the office of a gendarmerie colonel.
Yoshinori USES a high viewpoint to show the scene, thrusts the two heroes into the center of the scene and brings their faces closer to the viewer.
The stout young man in the short leather coat, with his chest open to reveal his sea-gown, with his feet bound in leggings, and his left foot straddled, stood erect, showing his strong revolutionary will, composed and fearless before the enemy;
The other prisoner was a young woman in felt boots, a long tanned fur-lined jacket, an ear-cap, and a tight-lipped expression of contempt for the enemy.
The red of underwear of female communist bosom, compare with the indoor brown attune environment that has carpet whole shop, still appear very awake eyes.
One of the most successful aspects of this painting is the contrast between the two groups of characters.
On the enemy side, the officer in blue, seated with his back to the spectators, was depicted with great force on the back of his head, with his thick, ruddy neck bent down to ask the prisoner questions;
In the middle, a white army man, his hair slicked to a crisp, was nervously putting his glasses close to a piece of paper and examining what he was doing.
The other, a ruffian in a charx garb, was even uglier, with a cigarette in his mouth and a whip in his right hand, and seemed impatient with the silence of the two prisoners.
His fierce look betrayed his inner weakness.
The biggest characteristic of this painting is that it pays attention to the psychological depiction of the characters.
The artist's love and hate, reflected in the performance of every detail and tonal narration above.
All this shows the heroism of the outstanding Russian sons and daughters who emerged during the period of armed intervention by the reactionaries and in the years of severe struggle.

Large horizontal wall art

Impression oil painting: impressionism pays most attention to the light.
His works are representative of sunrise,Great Big Canvas impressionism more famous painters, monet, manet, Cezanne, gauguin and van gogh.

Impressionism was a school of painting that rose in France in the second half of the 19th century.
Impressionism painting focuses on the transformation of painting color modeling, introduces the scientific concept of light and color into painting, innovates the traditional inherent color concept, and creates the modern sketching color
science with light source color and environment color as the core.
It sets up the unique aesthetic value of color form, and the novel form lays the foundation for the generation of modern art.
The impressionists were named after a painting by the impressionist monet, "sunrise - impression",Big Canvas Art which was shown in the "lost salon" and drew derision from many critics.
The innovative artists took the mocking word "impression" as the name of the school of painting, which is exactly in line with the concept of impressionism: paying attention to the instant light and color impression, capturing the real
and immediate impression of the scene, and expressing with gorgeous and bold colors.

The pursuit of art is the pursuit of constant innovation and change. In the 19th century, the center of western art was in France.
France beginning in the second half of the 19th century a number of young artists who oppose the official academic art of the conformist,Large Canvas Art due to their innovative work cannot
be exhibited in the official salon and strongly opposed to the official censorship, they asked for the innovation of artistic and creative freedom, Gail wave tile often gathered in Paris cafe free exchange of view of art, for art
innovation path.
In the course of the development of western painting, painters always introduced the scientific achievements of the time into artistic creation.
Due to optical and color science research results come out, then by Charles Henry the light and color and the combination of aesthetics, directly apply to the laws of art, which made the pursuit of innovation and painters influenced and
inspired, they try to pure "light", and the analysis of the new color relations, and the law of the natural science and they combine to create the art of perspective.
They believe that all objects in nature are the illumination of light, only to show its image;
All the images are a combination of different colors, and the sunlight is composed of seven primary colors.
There is no world without light and color.
They also hold that artists should know the world mainly from the point of view of "light" and "color". "light" is the mother of "color". Only light can be colored.
This kind of artistic concept becomes their dominant thought, thus dominates their creation activity.